Future Job Outlook: Audiology

Audiology positions are on the rise. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth for audiology is expected to grow by 16% from 2020 to 2030—a much faster rate than the average for all occupations. ASHA represents 13,727 certified audiologists, and 758 of those members hold dual certification as both audiologists and speech-language pathologists. Over the next 10 years, nearly 2,100 new audiology jobs will enter the market, the BLS projects.

The demand for audiologists will continue to increase as the population and life expectancy grow, and the survival rates of infants, trauma victims, and stroke victims improve. In the United States alone, with a population topping 332 million, nearly 50 million people experience hearing loss.

There are job opportunities for audiologists in the following areas:

Treating Older Populations

More than 54 million Americans are over the age of 65. As the population continues to grow and age, the demand for audiologic services will be higher in some regions of the country. Audiologists who are willing to relocate to areas with a higher population of retirees may have better job prospects.

Providing Early Intervention Screenings

Greater awareness of the importance of early identification and diagnosis of hearing disorders in infants will increase employment. Most states now require that all newborns be screened for hearing loss and receive appropriate early intervention services.

Providing Direct and Contract Services

The number of audiologists in private practice will rise with increasing demand for direct services to individuals, as well as increasing use of contract services by hospitals, schools, and nursing care facilities.

Working in a School Setting

Employment in educational services will increase along with growth in elementary and secondary school enrollments, including the enrollment of special education students. Federal law guarantees special education and related services to all eligible children with disabilities.

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