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Taking the Lead: Preparing for Leadership

The journey to leadership does not come with a manual, but the ASHA Career Portal has the resources and articles you need to prepare yourself for your next step in your career.

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To take my career to the next level, I need to explore options, seek training, network and connect with colleagues, and then take a leap of faith!

Carla Stocksdale, CCC-SLP


Career Development Highlights

Future Job Outlook: Audiology

Audiologists are in increasingly high demand, as the U.S. population grows and ages. There are plenty of places for audiologists to work—over the next 10 years, nearly 3,100 new jobs will enter the market in a wide variety of settings, including schools and private practice.

How to Build Professional Confidence in a New Job

As you start your new job, remember to check in with yourself about how you're feeling and what your plan is for your first day. Three ways to build your confidence: (1) embrace being new; (2) know your value, and document your milestones; and (3) build your support system early.

Managing Through Change

Change is certain—but as a leader, are you prepared for it? In the workplace, teams look to management to help them navigate employee transitions, practice disruptions, and internal and external policy changes. Learn how to embrace change through effective communication and goal setting.

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